Brennan ​​​Orie


Choir Tunes

  • How to Save a Life BOYDs4:14
  • How to Save a Life SOLOs4:14
  • How to Save a Life SOPPYs4:14
  • How to Save a Life TOIDs4:14
  • Stand Together - SOPPYs3:45
  • Stand Together BOYD3:45
  • Stand Together TOID3:45
  • Women's Rights.Come Alive 'TOID6:16
  • Women's Rights.Come Alive BOYDS6:16
  • Women's Rights.Come Alive SOLO6:16
  • Women's Rights.Come Alive Soppys6:16

​​Music Notes

Solo auditions: April 24!

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Spring Concert Recordings



  • Fireflies3:45
  • Fireflies accomp3:45
  • Performance3:02
  • Accompaniment3:03
  • This is Me3:51
  • This is Me accomp3:51

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Spring Concert Recordings



Welcome Sangarz!!

Spring Concert: May 10

Adjudication/Six Flags: May 30

Cabaret Courtyard Concert: June 5

  • Stand Together3:45
  • Stand Together Acc.3:47
  • How to Save a Life4:14
  • How to Save a Life accomp4:14
  • Women's Rights.Come Alive Accomp6:16
  • Women's Rights.Come Alive6:16

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